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MER-AL was established in Turkey in 2005, but our experience in the automotive industry started in Germany in 1995. MER-AL started its activities with the production of cast filters, which are specifically used to produce aluminum wheels and components produced in low-pressure-casting. In addition, a significant part of the production department consists of “rim pallets” and “rim pallet covers.” As a result, MER-AL is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cast filters and rim pallet sets and a well-known brand in this field in many countries.
MER-AL stocks the filters as needed in its two central warehouses in Germany and America. Thanks to these warehouses, it can offer a service at short notice in different locations. In addition, thanks to its worldwide connections and excellent customer service, the company distributes its products in more than 40 countries and to more than 70 customers.


The company can produce cast filters in the desired sizes and shapes, using different tonnage punch presses that meet customers’ requirements. Moreover, MER-AL offers a fast, high quality, and sustainable service to all its customers thanks to its own toolshop that works synchronously with the production. Moreover, MER-AL produces “Rim Pallets” according to the customers’ requirements. As a result, our company is one of the few companies certified by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) for “Rim Carrier Pallet Production,” offering its customers a comprehensive and reliable service.

Our company, considers the needs of its customers as a priority, strives to bring its products to the highest level of performance by constantly improving its production processes thanks to the support of the Quality Assurance System and R&D studies.



As a disciplined family business, MER-AL demonstrates systematic and coordinated work. It establishes the definition and limits of responsibilities thanks to the departments it has created within its structure. In addition, it shows professional teamwork by maintaining the flow of information between departments with constant meetings.



MER-AL has four basic departments: Production, Quality and R&D, Marketing, and Accounting. All departments are managed according to the principle of governance. With the dedicated activities of the departments under open and practical communication principles, MER-AL provides the best for its customers and that comes with excellent teamwork.



Thanks to its quality product range and the satisfaction of its customers, MER-AL has become a significant manufacturer in the international automotive sector. Principles are very important for our company, which always acts following business ethics within the framework of the certified working principles and the limits set by the law. Trust and discipline are the essential principles for MER-AL, which attaches great importance to acting according to directions in its relations with its customers and within the organization. Our company values the relationships with its employees, the satisfaction of its customers, listens to the requirements and needs of the industry, and develops appropriate and long-term solutions. MER-AL has grown with concrete steps, creating a quality work ethic thanks to these principles in its internal and external relations.

On the other hand, MER-AL stands out for its environmentally friendly policy. The sensitivity in waste disposal, stock order, the regulations for the factory, and the precautions against the noise of the punch press machines show the sensitivity to the environment and the realization of sustainable production. Moreover, thanks to its professional staff and strong team spirit, the company is evolving day by day, following the technological developments that allow savings in production.



  • We act with confidence and discipline.
  • We have a professional and experienced staff in the automotive sector.
  • We put the team spirit in the foreground.
  • We are a fast solution partner for the requirements of our customers.
  • Our international warehouses and transportation network are accessible to our customers.
  • Timely delivery as per requirement through our warehousing policy.



MER-AL is active in the production of casting filters and strives for continuous development. The company continues its activities with a national and international reputation. It carries out all its activities with social sensitivity and has based its actions on universal values and continuous growth and education. Our main goal is to continue developing and innovating thanks to its corporate culture and understanding of service and its efficient management and hardworking staff.

Our institution, which acts in the market primarily with our business ethics, wants to make its work sustainable for the whole world with its environmentally-conscious approaches.


MER-AL meets the needs and expectations of all customers in our country and around the world. Our company takes into account the current and future wishes and needs of customers, produces and serves in a way that meets them at the highest level possible. On the other hand, it adheres to the principles of competition and uses them to improve itself.